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Master's in Public Policy

The Master's in Public Policy (MPP) is a one-year practice oriented programme that will launch at the University of Cambridge in October 2013.

The course aims to strengthen the interconnections between science, research and innovation in public policy. Integral to these aims, the MPP will promote better awareness within policy circles of scientific developments and emerging technologies, which in turn will encourage long-term thinking and better strategic planning.

The MPP programme will qualify its graduates to:

  • Cope with different forms of information, qualitative and quantitative with varying degrees of precision, relevance and uncertainty
  • Consider issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives
  • Spot what is missing, and how to recognize when the picture is incomplete
  • Critically appraise information from different kinds of experts
  • Integrate different forms of thinking
  • Consider the implications of complexity, risk and uncertainty in policy-making

The course seeks to attract students who want to build careers in public policy whether in government at national and international levels, or in the third sector or in the private sector. The MPP will provide students with a thorough intellectual grounding and practical experience in the processes of policy making, as well as an understanding of the range of knowledge and skills they need to be effective in the world of policy.

The course will draw on teaching from across the University, from the Department of Computer Science to the Department of Philosophy as well as from policy professionals from the public, private and voluntary sectors. The course is hosted by the Department of Politics and International Studies and accommodated in the new Alison Richard Building at West Road.

MPP Curriculum

How to Apply

The development of the new Masters’ in Public Policy was made possible by generous support from The Constitution Society, an independent, non-aligned foundation which supports better government and promotes informed debate about the British Constitution.

'Governments face many problems which require a measured, rational approach based on a rigorous analysis of the facts and the options. Producing clean energy, promoting public transport, raising vaccination rates, improving education, tackling alcohol abuse, reducing welfare dependency, cutting cybercrime; the list is endless. The Cambridge MPP programme will broaden the understanding of the next generation of policy makers and strengthen their capacity to tackle these problems.’

Lord Wilson of Dinton, Former Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service